About Us

Rasoka PTY Ltd is a business that Mr Thabo Seroka started, at the time of conceiving the idea for this entity, Mr Seroka had a great dream, courage, sacrifice, endurance, passion, experience and focus on quality and quantity

Our company is 100% black owned and operated organization aimed at making it big in the mainstream economy, particularly in areas of Debt Collecting. This entity is a registered Private Company in the Republic of South Africa

His experience of 14 years in the field of Debt Collecting, tracing and recovery is the driving force behind his entity and will propel this organization to greater heights. Debt collecting and other related activities are nothing else but second nature to him.

Mission Statement

To deliver the highest quality service
To treat our customers like appreciating assets
To concentrate on efficient delivery
To optimise on resources for the benefit of our entity and our valuable employees.

Vision Statement

To build and run the best debt collecting business in South Africa.

Create much needed employment